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Learning Abilities Advocacy Group, LLC

Educational consulting and advocacy support for families with children who learn differently

Every Child Has a Unique Way of Learning

Every child is a unique and precious gift, each possessing their own special strengths and needs.

Embracing their individuality, we can tailor learning experiences to suit their unique journey.

I am here as a guiding light, ready to empower and support each child on their path to success.


Learning Abilities Advocacy, LLC’s vision is to provide the earliest possible intervention critical to inspire children’s confidence, enhance learning abilities, identify strengths to develop and improve their academic, performance, knowledge, and comprehension.I am prepared to provide your family with over 12 years of special education advocacy experience. My goal is to provide families with consultation, and assistance to ensure your child with learning challenges receives support and guidance that is appropriate for their needs while building a strong collaborative working relationship with your child's school district.

With my extensive years of experience- necessary educational services and accommodations, I am dedicated to assisting families in obtaining the necessary educational accommodations for their children.

My objective is to offer consultation and support in navigating the complexities of ensuring that children with learning challenges receive suitable assistance tailored to their needs. By fostering a collaborative relationship with your child's school district, I strive to facilitate a beneficial and effective educational experience for your child.

Explore the wide array of specialized terminology commonly employed within the realm of learning advocacy by reviewing the terms provided by Learning Abilities Advocacy LLC. Doing so will enhance your understanding of the vocabulary and terminology essential for discussions related to your child's educational requirements.

Learning Abilities Advocacy  has delivered presentations to both parent and professional audiences covering a wide range of topics. She is open to providing tailored training sessions for parent and/or professional groups and organizations upon request. The content of these training sessions can be customized to address the specific needs of your group or organization.

I help parents who, like me, have children who learn differently. I assist them by working through the process of ensuring public school districts provide free and appropriate education to ensure your child’s educational rights are being met.”

Trina Jones - Learning Abilities Advocacy, LLC

T H E  M I S S I O N

Learning Abilities Advocacy, LLC’s (LAA) mission is to arm parents with the tools available to help them in becoming better advocates for their child’s academic success and to empower children, at all levels of their academic development, with the skills necessary for them to confidently advocate for themselves.LAA provides educational consulting, advocacy services, and community resources to families of children who learn differently. My role as your consultant is to assist parents with understanding the special education process.